Alderman Scott


As a native of North Lawndale, Alderwoman Monique L. Scott strives to continue building a better Westside for the hardworking and compassionate residents of the 24th Ward who deserve nothing less than a public servant who is dedicated to their needs.

Alderwoman Scott graduated from Whitney M. Young Magnet High School and earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Marketing from Jackson State University and a Master’s of Business Administration degree from National Louis University. 

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Alderwoman Scott’s passion for the 24th ward runs deep, as she has spent her life and career developing relationships with residents of the community, which were built on the foundation of her parents, the late Michael Scott, Sr. and Millicent Scott, who were both prominent leaders in the city of Chicago. Growing up in a family of strong leaders, Alderwoman Scott is committed to building a successful community. 

Upon taking office, Alderwoman Scott served as a park supervisor for the Chicago Park District, where she improved public facilities and managed a team of employees who were dedicated to putting community residents first. During her time at the Chicago Park District, she engaged residents and created community-building programming.

Now, through her service as Alderwoman, she will continue to implement the same programs and engage residents, so that she can create spaces in the community where residents can feel safe, supported, and heard.

Alderwoman Scott’s top priorities for the 24th Ward is to establish a solid foundation centered around several goals:

Ushering in economic development and investments

Affordable housing options to market rate

Reduce vacant lots and abandoned store fronts

Work to improve the “food desert” in North Lawndale where access to grocery stores and healthy food are scarce or nonexistent

Improve access to local jobs

Alderwoman Scott believes the residents of the 24th Ward deserve someone who has an extensive understanding of the community, and the resourcefulness to leave no stone unturned. The legacy of public service in her family is something she is dedicated and committed to continuing.

Alderwoman Monique L. Scott